Winter Preparations

Winter Preparations for Your Unit when you are NOT in Residence

Following the holiday season, many residents depart for other locations during the winter months. If you are leaving your unit for any length of time, remember it is the unit owners responsibility to properly winterize your unit, or face the expenses incurred for any damage to your unit or any adjacent units. Most importantly, the following should be done.

  • Shut off the water at the main valve in the unit – depending on the unit it may be a red or yellow handle located in the laundry room. Note the water supply to the fire suppression sprinkler system must always be left on. Shutting off the main valve indicated above does not shut off the sprinkler system.
  • NOTE: Be sure to have the antifreeze checked in the sprinkler system during your required yearly sprinkler checkup.
  • If you have someone temporally in your unit while you are away be sure they know they must shut off the water when they leave.
  • It is a good precaution to relieve the pressure on the system by opening a few faucets.
  • Shut off the water to any outside faucets and drain them to prevent pipe freeze/rupture.
  • Maintain the thermostat setting at 60 or higher to prevent pipes from freezing. Remember there are 4 sprinkler heads in the garage area and they should also be kept warm with the heat from the house.
  • If possible, arrange for someone to check your unit at least weekly, especially when the temperature stays below freezing, to avoid discovering frozen lines upon your return.

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Water valve Close when Leaving your Unit for extended periods.

Water Valve Open Normal Use