Snow Removal

Snow Removal Information

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With our current budget for snow removal, we unfortunately cannot have snow removal done every time a resident has a request for their personal area. The cost would be prohibitive. Under our current contract, we only plow once the snowfall reaches 3”. In order to keep our dues reasonable, we have chosen to allow our area to be plowed later rather than sooner. The township plows and salts the roadways except for the circle.

The contractor uses plows to remove the snow if you leave vehicle or other obstacles in the driveway the area will be plowed as is possible but it will not shoveled by hand around the obstructions. Your garage is for your cars so that you can safely get in and out of them.

Due to weather and orientation of the buildings all areas are not always the same as far as ice may be concerned. We will deal with it as is practical and your assistance with salt on the driveway and calcium chloride on the concrete if you fell the situation warrants it. This is an extra service that we provide as the budget permits and is not mandated.

With the inclement weather we are having, there are some reminders and good sense tips to remember.

1. Snow plowing is only done when there is a 3” snowfall. This is the general rule for all associations, not just ours.

2. Salt (calcium chloride) will be applied when there is ice or after plowing, and in specific cases, we have identified certain areas where salt (calcium chloride) will be applied to ensure drivability. Unfortunately, this does not always address all issues.

3. In between snowfalls and especially when they are less than 3”, please feel free to throw salt (calcium chloride) down to maintain your drive/walks.

We hope this will be of help to you and that you will understand we are trying to do what is best for ALL the residents.