Flag Regulations

E.SIGNS, BANNERS, ENSIGNS, FLAGS, ETC. (Effective July I, 2012)

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No signs, banners, ensigns, flags, etc., shall be placed or displayed on the Common Elements or the Limited Common Elements, except as stated below:
(1) Temporary signs are permitted for the following purposes:
**(a) Real estate For Sale or Rent **(i) One sign per unit
(ii) The sign (for your unit) is to be placed in the area where your sidewalk meets the driveway. The sign is not to interfere in any way with the driveway or sidewalk.
**(iii) Maximum size nine (9) square feet.
Example: Real Estate Company sign not to exceed six (6) square feet. Two hangers maximum each not to exceed 1.5 square feet. (iv) A small For Sale” directional sign may be used after approval of the EVCA Board.
**(v)No illumination
**(b)Open House
**(i)One (1) sign per unit plus one (1) sign at the plan entrance and one (I) sign at the intersection of Village Green and Evergreen.
**(ii)Six (6) feet from the curb or pavement.
**(iii)No illumination
**(iv) Cannot be erected until day of event and must be removed the day of the event.
(2) Flags
(a)The United States Flag may be displayed at any time.
(b) Display of the United States Flag shall be no larger than three (3) feet by five (5) feet attached to a staff or flagpole no longer than six (6) feet. Staffs or flagpoles are not permitted to be attached to any part of the unit.
**Identifies Peters Township Zoning
It is the unit owner’s responsibility to give their Real Estate Agent a copy of the Evergreen Village Condominium Sign Regulations.