Rules & Regulations


Rules & Regulations Overview – We have taken over the responsibility as promised to maintain the entranceway. The gazebo will not be painted as it is treated lumber and it should blend very nicely into the décor of the community. Running water is available for not only watering the bushes and plants but also for use by the residents during parties.

We have been asked by a resident, who is responsible for utility lines, pipe, and systems. Let us point out to all of you that in the Declaration of Condominium for Evergreen Village Association, Article II, Allocation of Percentage Interests, Votes and Common Expense Liabilities; Unit Identification and Boundaries; Maintenance Responsibilities, Section 2.3, c. (2) it states that a unit owners is responsible for utility pipe and lines of service serving only one unit. Therefore, as an example, the water line from the meter to your unit is your responsibility if it is in need of repair. The same goes for the air conditioning condenser, gas line, etc. Some of you may want to consider the insurance policies offered by utility companies relative to this issue.

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