Sprinkler Systems

These systems are in buildings built prior to 2014. New buildings may have different protocols for reporting false alarms.

Alarm Systems: to call for False Alarms, for servicing the smoke detectors, yearly system inspection, testing, battery backup replacement, false security system alarms. You need your account number also located inside your alarm panel normally in the laundry room. This is for systems installed and monitored by Waltech Systems Service Only: 724-468-4599

Toll free: 1-800-444-2892 to cancel alarm

If you have another firm monitoring your system the procedure is different please check with them.

Waltech Systems
Virgil Walters
417 Elizabeth Street, Apt. 2
New Kensington, PA 15068
Cell: 412-973-1105
E-mail: Waltech60@gmail.com

Fire Suppression (Sprinkler) System Protection

One of the Open Forum questions at the Annual Meeting focused on understanding the nature of our fire protection sprinkler systems and assuring its proper functionality. In Peters Township, it is mandatory for multi-unit buildings to have functioning fire suppression sprinkler systems in each unit. These systems are internal to each unit, and are therefore owner responsibilities. You may have read newspaper accounts of several very expensive problems with sprinkler system ruptures in neighboring Peters Twp. communities this past winter, and several units in Evergreen experienced problems as well. Two types of sprinkler systems are employed in Evergreen; one is a “wet system” using water as the working fluid, the other is charged with antifreeze to reduce the risk of freezing, usually good to ~ 20 degrees F. In the case of the antifreeze system, it is important to have a code-approved backflow preventer valve to avoid antifreeze contamination of your drinking water supply, and also a suitable pressure reducing valve to prevent fluid expansion in warm weather from creating over pressure which can cause inadvertent discharge from sprinkler heads.

An annual inspection by a certified fire suppression servicing company is required by the water company. They can verify what type of fluid you have, evaluate the adequacy of protective hardware, check sprinkler heads, assess any unusual weeping or corrosion at plumbing joints, and assure proper pressure settings. Suggested fire system inspection companies are listed on the EVCA Website. The inspection house call runs about $65, and is an excellent proactive investment for peace of mind, as well as to avoid a very costly potential repair. Antifreeze should also be checked.

Maintenance of the Systems

It is the responsibility of each unit owner to maintain their sprinkler system in good working order. The Board strongly recommends a yearly inspection by licensed Sprinkler Companies.

Several Companies can provide this service and each unit owner can choose the company for yearly inspections and make the arrangements with them.

These Companies are for your examination and are not recommendations or endorsements by the Board.

Preferred Fire Protection
401 N. Balph Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15202

Mongiovi & Son
190 Bilmar Drive
Suite 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Office: 412-922-6700
FAX: 412-922-9190

J & J
Fire Protection Co., Inc.
101 Powell Road, Butler, PA 16002
Office: 724-586-6111
FAX: 724-586-5151
Emergency: 724-898-2481
Cell: 724-992-0871