The Board

From the Board

The By-Laws establish the Executive Board. Originally it was a 3 person Board and several years ago was expanded to a 5 member Board. The election to the Board occurs at the Annual Meeting each year and one or two members are elected each year so that the membership of the Board overlaps providing continuity. Reference Article 3.1 of the By-Laws.

The Board establishes Committees that are responsible for gathering information and making recommendations to the Board for a variety of reasons. They are subjects of further explanations on this website along with various forms and articles that are of interest to the members.

The Board has the right as is common practice in condominiums to employ a Managing Agent. Currently this is Stevenson Williams Company. They handle a variety of tasks for the EVCA in cooperation with the Board and its committees. They are responsible for soliciting bids and handling accounting functions and day to day administration. Article 3.2 gives the scope of their operations when granted by the Board.