Social Committee

The Social Committee of Evergreen Village is a fun group!! It is usually run with a minimum of 4 people at the helm to plan events, but many more people are involved for each activity.

We have a very active and fun event calendar with larger events running with the seasons. Some event examples are:

  • The spring Live Music in the Evergreen Party
  • Our annual Summer Picnic Blast at the Gazebo
  • The Holiday Party in the winter

Each of these activities is well attended and typically carries on after hours with smaller house parties at various locations throughout the community. Fun times!

We also have smaller get-togethers like Book Clubs and Card Clubs that residents will organize on their own. Maybe you will find a hobby and start your own club?! *Book Clubs. Card Clubs, Afternoon Tea, and Evening Plays at the local Little Lake Theater

We welcome everyone and anyone to volunteer to be a member of the Social Committee (there is no limit to membership). Or, if you would rather, you can be a volunteer for an event if you wish!! Or just attend an event and have fun! That’s what being “social” is all about! See you at the next party!