Grounds Committee


Grounds Committee Report

Of course, the prime objective of the Grounds Committees is to ensure the common areas are well maintained in an orderly and efficient manner.

In that regard some of our duties include the following:

· Review Change Requests and make recommendation concerning approval, or not, to the Executive Board

· Advise the Executive Board when violations of the Association rules or guidelines are observed

· Solicit quotations from appropriate companies and suppliers, for maintenance of our grounds, for snow and ice removal from our streets, drives, etc., (during the winter months), and make recommendations to the Executive Board concerning awarding of contracts.

In addition to the above our committee monitors the Associations procedures, rules, policies, etc. concerning our grounds and make suggestions or recommendations to the Executive Board for possible improvements.

If you have questions or concerns associated with the quantity or quality of the contracted work (landscaping, snow removal, etc.), please contact the appropriate committee. It is unreasonable to assume that the contractor’s employees should respond to a multitude of directives from Owners

As a reminder, the following policies are currently in effect.

· It is the Owners responsibility to keep their patio’s, plantings, etc., in a neat and orderly condition.

· Owners are responsible for weed control of their beds throughout the growing season. Our landscape contractors only provide a limited amount of this type of activity during the spring and fall cleanings.

· The Condominium Association does not replace shrubs and plants that are not in compliance with the number or type of approved plantings. If new Owners feel they have a problem with the quality or quantity of their plants, they need to resolve this issue with the builder or seller prior to closing. If Owners wish to add additional plantings at their unit they need to file a Request for Change Orders with the Grounds Committee.

The following list of plants are currently acceptable: All plantings are per UNIT

Category Size Options

Flowering Perennial Day Lilly, Daisy, Pholx (may be mixed or matched to a total of 5 allowed plants)

Small Shrubs 1 to 2′ Blue Star Juniper, Pigmy Barberry, Spiraea (Little Princess Variety) (may be mixed or matched to a total of 4 allowed plants)

Medium /sized Shrubs 2 to 3′ Boxwood (Green Mountain or Green Velvet), Holly Shrub (Blue Girl), Burning Bush (Dwarf Variety), Hydrangea, Weigela (Wine and Rose variety) (may be mixed or matched to a total of 4 allowed plants)

Small Evergreens 4 to 6′ Holly Trees, Dwarf Alberta Spruce (only 1 single tree of these approved varieties allowed )

Ornamental Trees 5 to 6′ Dogwood, Flowering Crabapple, Flowering Plum (only 1 single tree of these approved varieties allowed)

This is the list on the approved drawing the totals are the maximum permitted in the beds.

At this time it is not the policy of the Association, to provide a total maintenance free community, consequently, it is the responsibility of each Owner to contribute to keeping our community neat and presentable. Obviously, this policy can be changed by the Board if desired, but the associated costs will be reflected in the Association dues.

In addition to the above, our committee is looking at the possibility of recommending some sort of feature (shrubs, etc.) to be placed adjacent to the square electrical boxes located in front of many buildings. We will present more information concerning this feature on subsequent newsletters.

I would like to thank the other members of the Grounds Committee for all their work.

While alterations to Common areas or Limited Common Areas are limited if you wish some addition or change a Change Order is required to be approved prior to any work being started.  It should be submitted to Stevenson Williams so it can be sent to the Board for consideration.  Please note the details on the pages of the Change Order. Simply select the Change Order to download it.