Building Committee

Building Committee


The Building Committee is focused on ensuring the general good condition, both esthetically and functionally, of our buildings and roadways throughout the Evergreen community. This is meant to preserve property values and optimize the quality of life in our residences. Typically, during the spring months, the exterior of every unit is visually inspected by the Committee and any appropriate maintenance or repairs are recommended for completion by contractors. Most units were in excellent condition and the vast majority of repairs and/or maintenance was routine window caulking, brick mortar pointing, soffit/fascia securing, and painting, and front entrance painting. Unit owners assumed responsibility for necessary re-staining of patio fences. The Committee has noticed that repairs continue to trend down and this is as a result of the proactive inspection of each unit on an annual basis.

Similarly, asphalt maintenance contractors assist the Committee in surveying all driveways each year for necessary repairs and maintenance. A cost-effective program has been developed whereby approximately one-third of the driveways are seal coated each year on a rotational scheme. As new driveways are added with the completion of new buildings in Evergreen, they will be worked into the rotational seal coat program to ensure their longevity.

In recent years we have experienced an alarming number of emergent problems of water leakage from defects in roofing and vent pipe penetrations through the roofs. Naturally, these problems have been most acute during the severe winters we have experienced lately. Due in part to the visually pleasing design of Evergreen’s building roofs which have many intersections of varying pitches and slopes, the resulting valleys are particularly susceptible to snow and ice buildups which tend to result in melting water running under shingles and flashing. These occurrences of leakage have been handled as emergency repairs in order to minimize the extent of any long-term damage. Additionally, the problems are more pronounced in the older buildings, some of which were constructed nearly 15 years ago. Therefore, the Building Committee intends to develop a cost-effective plan and schedule for roof replacement in those buildings which are beyond effective proactive maintenance procedures. A key element of this plan will be to recommend a pace for the roof replacements to the Executive Board so that roof replacements can be funded from our Capital Reserve Funds, avoiding the necessity to levy any unit owner assessments.

The Committee is grateful to the unit owners for their diligence in identifying problems in a timely fashion so that remediation can pursued quickly to minimize any subsequent damage to buildings and owners’ property.

Anyone who would like to participate in the work of the Building Committee is invited to contact any Committee member or the Board, as we would love to have more input and help. Many thanks to the Committee members for all of their volunteerism that benefits each and every one of us.

While alterations to the individual unit are very limited if you wish some addition or change a Change Order is required to be approved prior to any work being started.  It should be submitted to Stevenson Williams so it can be sent to the Board for consideration.  Please note the details on the pages of the Change Order. Simply select the Change Order to download it.