The Evergreen Village Condominium Association’s Keys To Condominium Living

The Evergreen Village Condominium Association’s Keys To Condominium Living
On behalf of all the residents of Evergreen Village, we welcome you and hope that your life here will be healthy and comfortable. Please feel free to say hello, introduce yourself, and ask any questions that may help you become better acquainted in your new home.

Many people who move here do not understand what condominium is like. This letter, with many important tips, should make it much easier.

Condominium living is very different from what most people have experienced in the past, living in a separate home. In Evergreen Village, being a condominium association, we are governed by a set of rules both by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and our own community. When you signed your agreement to purchase here, you were given a booklet that explains most of what you need to know about this lifestyle (Evergreen Declaration). It is VERY important that you read this booklet cover to cover so you can begin your understanding of our community.

Here are a number of things that will help you immediately with your living in the Evergreen Community, but it’s certainly not a complete list.

All buildings, roads and lands are commonly owned by Evergreen Village Condominium Association (EVCA).

Within your unit, you own everything from the drywall in. Here, you may make any decision you want regarding this space, not affecting the structural elements.

However, everything from the drywall out (including, but not limited to, the entire outside of the unit, building, grounds, nursery items, trees, grass etc.) is jointly owned by all residents through the association.

One exception would be everything contained within the unit’s patio inside the fence, including whatever is planted there. This is your outside area where you may plant shrubs, flowers etc. It’s also a place to enjoy grills and patio furniture. In addition, the patio belongs to you and it is your responsibility to maintain it.

Watering of the grass, trees and shrubs outside your unit is necessary to enhance the overall look of our community. If you do not do this, the replacement of these items becomes a cost burden to everyone collectively who owns a unit and the monthly assessment could increase.

The association is responsible for,  sidewalks and driveways. Grass mowing, mulching, trimming of shrubs, fertilizing, and general care of all trees, which are designated as the responsibility of the EVCA, is provided by a yard service. Other trees and plants not that are not part of the approved planting schedule are the responsibility of the unit owner and passes on to any future owners.

Please note that you are not permitted to change, or add anything to the outside of your unit. A wreath on the front door is acceptable, but nothing else. Specific rules for displaying the American flag are listed in the association book. No other flags are permitted.

If you are interested in adding a storm door it can only be the one that is approved by the association and you must fill out a Change Order Form and present it to the Executive Board for their approval. This same form must be filled out and submitted if you want to make any outside changes to your unit or the grounds surrounding it. If you have any doubts about what you can or cannot do it is best to inquire about it.

If any owner of a unit is 65 or older you are entitled to a 10% discount on your solid waste collection. You must, however, contact Peters Township to receive it. Also for people over 65 who might need ambulance service, the fee is paid for by Peters Township. You are not required to subscribe for this service. You may inquire with the township for verification.

If you leave your unit for a period of time (i.e. vacation, illness etc.) and it will be vacant, we strongly recommend you turn off the main water valve and open the faucets to drain. Since we share the walls with three other units, we will be protecting all four units if a water line should break. Also, in winter time you shouldn’t have a problem with frozen pipes if the water valve is turned off. This will not affect your emergency fire sprinkler system. If your pressure gauge is above 150# contact a sprinkler service company.

In addition you may want to turn off the gas valve that leads to the hot water tank. By the way, unit owners are responsible for the cost to replacing the fire system battery, any maintenance of the sprinkler system, any replacement of exterior doors or windows due to damage (permission from the “Association” required) as well as other items as detailed in the “Declaration of Condominium” documents.

Most units have 5 or 6 smoke alarms that contain back up batteries (please contact your Alarm Company BEFORE changing the batteries). These should be replaced as often as necessary. If the alarm goes off accidentally, or because of a fire, the monitoring personnel will, within one minute, phone the fire department who will respond quickly. If it goes off and you cannot detect a fire, phone the monitoring firm at the number that was given to you at the closing within a minute of the alarm sounding.

We cannot make changes the the outside of buildings in any way without getting prior approval. The association will maintain the buildings in proper condition on the outside but you must do that on the inside. The windows both inside and outside are the responsibility of the unit owner and if damaged are your responsibility. It is recommended that twice a year you clean the outside lights of your unit including the one above the garage. Also, once a year it’s recommended that you have the lint removed from the dryer vent. If left to clog it can cause a fire or burn out your dryer.

This information is provided to help you understand condominium living. Most condominium communities are designed so that we have a measure of uniformity that maintains and increases the value of our investment.

If you have any questions ask a neighbor or contact your executive board and we will try to assist you.